About Oxygia

Oxygia Consulting is a boutique management consulting firm focused on assisting organisations with strategy, operations, analysis, advisory, payments and agency services. Our expertise lies mostly in the iGaming industry, however our clients operate in varied fields.

We have assisted, organisations from start-ups to exit-stage optimise, grow and improve their operation, from assisting in the formulation of strategy, writing business plans and creating financial models, to setting up and optimising operations, penetrating new markets, finding, integrating and managing payment options, and advising on exit strategies.

Our core partners have a combined experience of around 30 years in Payments, Operations, Strategy, Finance, Research, Analysis, iGaming, Forex and Tax amongst others. We are able to offer a full spectrum of services, also leveraging our combined networks to recommend best of breed service providers in various other areas ranging from CRM, marketing and copywriting to development, licensing and compliance.

To truly discover the extent of our services, and for us to understand your needs better, we invite you to contact us for a complementary consultation.


Strategy, organisational setup and optimisation, clear targets, known KPIs, payments structure and a focused vision are crucially important at any stage of an organisation’s growth path. Hiring full time experienced analysts, operations directors, payment managers and other important roles at an early stage of company growth is prohibitively expensive, even though the need for such expertise is required from day one. At this stage, we can fill in these gaps and provide organisations with expert advice, management and access to a substantial network at a fraction of the cost (and time) of bringing in dedicated people.

At early stages of growth, organisations rarely need someone dedicating 40 hours a week, and usually end up either giving the task to more junior staff who do not have the expertise or network to provide the right level of service or hiring experienced professionals who would not find the right level of volume or challenge in this environment.

At later stages of growth, we continue providing a supporting role, expanding our clients’ team’s network and experience, providing a sounding board and taking over some tasks when it all becomes too much to handle.

We do not have a fixed model and will adapt our service and fee structure to best fit our clients’ needs, either in a purely ad-hoc fashion, or on monthly retainer models, depending on growth stage, operational structure, licenses and requirements.


In order to suggest the best course of action for your specific needs, we are happy to provide an initial consultation to discuss your current situation at no cost and without any obligation. Depending on the outcome of this initial review, we would propose a roadmap moving forward.